Notpron Levels 51-60

Level 51

It’s Minesweeper, but what does the title say?

Unfair! How do you cheat on Minesweeper? Search Google.

Searching “minesweeper cheat” will give you the answer right away.



Level 52

It’s a map, but what’s wrong with it?

If you don’t know, search Google for a map of Europe. What is it supposed to look like?

Turn the photo upside down.

Compare it to Europe:

The leftmost pin is in Portugal. Figure out the remaining pins’ countries and write them down.










Czech Republic







Reread the title clue. “Case sensitive”. What could uppercase/capital and lowercase letters have to do with countries?

What do countries have that letters can also have? Capitals.

Some of the pins don’t point to the country’s capital cities. Remove those countries from the list.

We are left with Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Austria.

What’s the cartoon drawing behind the map of?

It’s a car. Why? What would you look at on a car that ties it to a place on a map?

The license plate.

Googling will tell you that each country’s license plate has a letter code. I used this website.

Write down the letter code for each remaining country:

Spain- E

Belgium- B

Switzerland- CH

Austria- A

Luxembourg- L

We need to make a word from these letters. You can use an anagram generator if you need. That word is your answer.



Level 53


<!–dude, what was the end of that leet song again?–>

We are looking for a song. Open the sound file from the source.

Listen to music256.mpg. That’s not a leet song. How do we turn it into a leet song?

View the title. What “language” is it in? (It’s in leet, of course.)

Translate the word “leet” into leetspeak first, (use Google if you don’t know how) then replace the numbers in the filename with the new numbers.

music256.mp3 becomes music1337.mp3

Use the clue “dude, what was the end of that leet song again?” to figure out the answer.

It’s the last word of the song.



Level 54

<!–<–fucking right–>

This section of the source looks different than normal.

It’s pointing to something. What is it pointing to?

<html><!–<–fucking right–>

It’s pointing to html.

Change the file extension from htm to html.



Level 54- Part Two

What are the letters referring to?

They’re elements. Platinum, Ytterbium, and Erbium.

What do the numbers signify?

Try taking a certain amount of letters from each word.

For example, the first three letters of Platinum.

You should get six letters total. You might get a message reminding you to remove the “L” from html.

Note the “h” in the bottom right corner of the photo for the future.



Level 55

<!–Some Things: “things have changed, and they’re only getting better”–>

I see the letter T.

What’s the image name?


Use the source clue. Things are getting better- what’s better than worst?

good.jpg gives you the letter N

better.jpg gives you the letter L

best.jpg gives you the letter E

When I ran out of ideas, I Googled and found “irregular adjectives” that gave me two more.

worse.jpg gives you the letter G

bad.jpg gives you the letter E

You should have six letters. Use an anagram generator if needed for the answer.



Level 56

<!–Jay packed his picture away–>

What’s different about the photo?

It’s a GIF.

Stare at the image. See something flash?

There are two ways to inspect this GIF. One is to use Print Screen as soon as the image flashes, and hope you are fast enough. The other is to use a GIF maker like this one to view the individual frames.

Now consider the source clue. Remember jay pack?

Open the image in a new tab and change the file extension. It should now be 56.jpg.

What’s different? There are four orange dots.

Here’s what the dots look like overlayed on the image. I adjusted the transparency so you can see both at the same time:

What’s the title clue? “Think outside the box”.

The orange dots make a “box”. What’s outside the box?

Write down the letters outside the box and space them appropriately.

sounds like it is terrible

You can figure out the answer from here.



Level 57

Mom, you’ll never guess where I am

<!–a 488–>

Look for clues to determine where we are.

The phone booth says +90. Research the country code.

Google will tell you we are in Turkey, but we need two words, one for the UN and one for the PW.

Figure out what the source clue number means.

It’s an area code. The city is your username and the country is your password.


UN: batman PW: turkey

Level 58

Wrong Road


<!– been lead the wrong way?–>

Do what the level says. Turn back.

Go back to the previous level by hitting the back button on your browser.

Now click on the number 57 link again to go to the next level. What do you see?

Look at the URL bar while switching. It flashes a different address very quickly before redirecting to level 58. The URL is love/index.htm, but it doesn’t let you see the page before it automatically switches.

We need to disable the automatic redirection from index.htm to wrongroad.htm.

I tried disallowing redirects in the settings of both Firefox and Chrome, and when that didn’t work, I tried using add ons that disabled redirects. Neither worked, regardless of which browser I used.

I figured out how to view the source of this index.htm page anyway.

Just go to view-source:

As you know from previous levels, the source just adds view-source: before the address in the URL bar.

You will find the answer there.



Level 59

what am I for?


Translate the rebus.

in my head there’s only you,

the one that made my dreams come one (true?)

when you are not around

you make my poor heart pound

you’re the one I’ll always love,

and be forever dreaming of

Keep in mind that it asks “what” am I for, not “who” am I for. We are not looking for a person- we are looking for a thing.

What thing do people long for and wish for the most, especially when they are “poor”?

That word is the answer.



Level 60

Who was it for?


Something to do with music.

Open the file song.mp3 in Audacity.

Speed it up. It’s a familiar song, but each note is in a different octave.

What song is it?

It’s “Für Elise”. (For Elise in German.)

However, Elise isn’t the answer. What was her full name?



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